Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bring on the basics

I've been making a lot of basics recently.  T shirts, all knits, simple and rather gratifying, from a couple of basic patterns (both with some mods). Cake, rather than frosting if you like.

To save you from the tedium of pictures of four T shirts against my garden fence, I present to you the results of a little 'photo-shoot' courtesy of my talented friend, Ines (aka Humble Habit).   That gal sure knows how to take a decent picture.

We had a lot of fun scouting (see what I did there?) round her yard for shoot 'locations' and there was even a change of hairstyle and accessories half way through.  But enough about that. Let's get onto the sewing details...

1. Grey Scout T shirt

This is the Scout Tee pattern,which I've made it twice before in a woven, this time in a fairly firm grey cotton jersey from the op shop. Jen has a good tutorial on how to go about making the pattern in a knit. I wanted a slouchy look so I cut the same size as the woven (4 in the shoulders and bust, tapering down to a 0 in the hips) and scooped the front and neckline out. Actually I think I overdid the scooping as this one shows my bra straps a bit but I guess could always wear a tank underneath or just channel my inner Flashdance.

I lengthened the sleeves by about 5cm so I can roll them up if the mood takes me and I did the neckband the same way I do most of my knit necklines: finish one shoulder seam, attach the neckband (1 1/2 inches wide folded in half in this case) then finish the other shoulder.

2. White Scout T shirt

Same as above but slightly longer sleeves and less scooped, more V neckline.   The shape was a bit accidental as I forgot all the knowledge that my pattern drafting teacher imparted about having a neckline curve flat for 2cm at the bottom otherwise you end up with a V neckline.. but it works OK.  I lengthened the arms even more this time for the turn ups - inspired by Grainlines Madewell Tee variation.  Fabric was gifted and is a nice cotton knit.

3. Green Renfrew

Say Cheeeeeese

Probably my least favourite out of the lot as it looks a bit wrinkly in the photos.  Fabric is a ribbed cotton knit from the op-shop with limited amount of stretch. I do like the colour though.  I made the size 4, tapering to 0 in the hips and left off the bands at the hem and arms, finishing  with a twin needle.

4. Black Merino Renfrew

Last, a black T shirt so not much to report, apart from loving the fabric (Merino knit bought from the Fabric store in NZ last year) which, being merino, feels beea-uiful to wear. I actually made this a few months ago and have been wearing it quite a lot, tucked in to skirts as well as with trousers, although not fabulous yellow ones like the pair Ines loaned me. Maybe I should make some!

So there you go: 4 different T shirts, lots of different backyard locations.  I'm ready for Me Made May! (pledge coming up)

Patterns:  Sewaholic Renfrew and Grainline Scout, both used before = free
Fabrics: various op-shopped and gifted knits = $5 and 1m merino =#18
Thread from op-shopped stash
Total = $23


  1. Loving your work! Thanks Ines, a great photo shoot ;) - I really like seeing the 4 versions together, it's refreshing to be able to see the versatility of the pattern in 4 different fabrics & subtle pattern changes.

    1. Thanks Nic. It is fun playing with a basic pattern. And high praise from you, queen of the photo shoots :)

  2. These look like the perfect tees! I especially love the look of the white one - so hard to find the perfect relaxed white tee!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! This pattern does work well in a knit I think and it's sooo comfy too.

  3. Oh my goodness, will you look at YOU!! You're positively glowing! You look fabulous in all of them, bravo :)

    1. Aww thanks Jenny. It's mostly down to the great photographer!

  4. Whoever your photographer is really captured you! You look stunning in ALL of these pics.
    Oh and the T shirts are alright too!

  5. Looking gorgeous, helen, and what lovely photos! I love your basics makes... Looking forward to seeing you again soon! x

  6. Thanks Helen for the praises, i enjoyed it so much. Anytime sweetie. you look great and are an easy subject and fun to work with. xx

  7. Great pics, great t shirts! I have just started making some t's and must admit I am hooked!