Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 of 2013: the MISSES

Next, as part of  Gillian from Crafting a rainbow's Top 5 are the duds. I didn't have too many misses this year, which is good, but looking though this list two have been because of dodgy fabric. Something to look out for next year.  Not finishing things has been a bit of an issue too. I've always got a million projects in my head and things sometimes tend to sit and gather dust. Anyway, here are the things that didn't exactly go as planned....

1. Flamingo Laurel

Only worn a couple times.  Fun print but the fit is off, the hem is dodgy and the fabic is cheap nasty poly.  

2. Anita ponte pants

I don't have a picture of these but I stuffed up the hem of one leg so one side  is all stretched out. They might work tucked into boots but basially they are just slighly misshapen  leggings so I'm not feeling much love for them.

3. Spotty renfew.

I think this must have shrunk a little because the arms now feel too short and consequently I really haven't worn this much. I love the fabric though so I might recycle it into something else - shorten the sleeves perhaps or add a skirt to make a renfrew-skater mash up.

4. Grainline Fluro Tee  (unblogged)

Great pattern, wrong fabric choice. I like this top and have worn it quite a few times (but not with black bra underneath like in the pic!) but the fabric was cheapo poly from Spotlight and has started to pill badly :(  I made an effort making this too. It's lined with lovely pink silk and the sleeves and bottom finished with a  rolled hem on the overlocker.

5. Quilt that needs to be finished (unblogged)
This was supposed to be finished for MMSTL's niece when she was born.  She's now 6 months old.  What can I say? Sewing clothes seemed more appealing. It is nice though, so must get round to finishing it off. Only the quilting and binding to go.

More navel gazing  up next.. Top 5 reflections.

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  1. Oh no not the flamingo laurel! I love that dress. The flamingos are awesome.