Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 5 of 2013: the HITS

It's been a while, so as an opportunity to get back into blogging here are my top 5 from 2013.   This year has a been good, sewing -wise.   I managed to get along to most of the Social Sewing gatherings and learned so much from the talented sewists there. I also taught my Makers and Menders group which was a lot of fun and really satisfying to be able  introduce people to the wonderful world of sewing.  It also feels like I learned a lot this year and got better at doing things properly instead of just doing things to get them finished.

 In terms of number of items made this year here is the tally:

Dresses = 15 ( 3 unblogged)
Tops = 11 (3 unblogged)
Skirts =3 ( 1 unblogged)
Pants = 1 (unblogged)
Items for LittleFB  = 7 ( 3 hoodies, 3 T shirts and a chicken costume)
Misc = 8 (1 quilt, 1 cushion, 6 pencil cases and a skirt for  a neighbour's little girl)

 45  items!  That's more than I thought :)

So, starting with the good. Here are my hits for 2013:

1. Knit dresses: Tiramisu and Later Skater

Both dresses have both been on regular rotation in my wardrobe:  the Tirasamu over summer and the Lady Skater  during autumn and winter. Easy to make and even easier to wear, I see more versions of both these in my future (in fact I may have already made a short sleeved version of the lady skater...)

2.  Silver Moss skirt

I'm really pleased with how this skirt turned out. I love the silver denim and was chuffed at the front fly zip insertion (thanks to Jen's excellent tutorial).

3. Anna dress. 
I always get compliments when I wear this dress. It feels very ladylike!   Slowing down and taking my time over the finishes (french seams, hand sewn hems) made all the difference. I've just finished another one; just need to get round to blogging it!

4. Victory Hazel dress
I wasn't going to put this one in because it feels just a lttle bit big, but MMSTL likes this dress and  it's another one that always gets commented on. Making it from op-shop and gifted fabric was a win too.  

5. Blue lace Laurel

 A special occasion dress so it has only been worn once so far,but  this lace was just beautiful to work with and despite a few hiccups during cutting out, the finished dress came out really nicely. 

Honorable mentions:

Chicken costume

I had to get this one in!  LittleFB still loves his chicken costume and has worn in on a couple of occasions since the party that we made it for.  It never fails to make me laugh to see him flapping his  wings about!

Stripey ponte 2444
Only worn once so far but I have plans to lower the hem so that it can become a work dress and then  think I'll wear it a lot.

The Belladones
The red one has been worn a fair bit, even in winter with a long-sleeved top underneath.  The tiger print one, only once so far (to Frocktails) and I'm contemplating removing the pink trim to make it a bit more wearable.. Or maybe I should just go to more parties!

Up next: the misses.....


  1. That lace laurel is BEAUTIFUL!! Well done!

    1. Thanks Jo, I need more occasions to wear it !

  2. I love all of your hits! And yes, we need to invent an occasion so you can wear your lace one out again!!
    ..and thanks for making the rest of us feel more normal, - maybe my 2014 resolution can be to at least photograph my makes ;) - more liaising and social sewing required!!

    1. I think we are all a but too hard on ourselves! Always happy to be a photographer when yours is away for work :)

  3. That lace dress is gorgeous! And I loved your silver skirt from the first time I saw it. I think I need one myself!

  4. Lovely dresses, the Hazel really does belong in there, it suits you to a tee, bright, fun and classy. What more could you want?

    Very impressed by the total number of garments you made, PLUS a chicken costume. WOW.