Friday, October 4, 2013

Spring garden snapshots

The most perfect day to be working in the garden. Beds were cleared and enriched with compost and soil from the chicken coop, seedlings planted and trees trimmed.  Are you getting your garden ready for summer?  

Potato forest

Big fennel

Rainbow chard, always so pretty in the garden

The promise of grapes to come


Snow peas - a really good year this year

Bees doing their work on the orange tree.
Spring garden abundance


  1. Love the garden FB! Looks like you will have mountains of spuds come Jan/Feb!

    Gav x

  2. Perfect! We cleared the weeds/old plants, dug over & harvested an awesome crop of beetroot for dinner today, yum! Welcome spring!

  3. I always love watching the Australian gardens spring to life as ours are getting put to bed for the winter.

  4. Looks like you'll be harvesting a decent little crop of spuds.
    The pink of the chard is really eye-catching against the mostly green of the other vegies. x

  5. You have the most rad garden!!!
    We have a bunch of tomato seeds sprouting at the moment. Fingers crossed!

  6. Your garden looks brilliant! I am envious of your fennel, ours had some kind of aphid thingy infestation, so we had to give it to the chooks ;(