Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finished: Stripy Tessuti Mandy Tee

I bought a new overlocker.  My old one - an Elna $40 ebay bargain - had been doing OK for a couple of years. We had our moments but in general she did a good job.  But then the bottom looper snapped and it was going to cost  mega-bucks to fix and the sewing machine shop was having a sale... So  I am now the proud owner of a Janome 644D which does all sorts of clever things including rolled hems.  I love it. 

To take it for a bit of a test drive I  tried out the Mandy Boat Tee which is a free pattern from Tessuti. It was a toss up between that and Grainline's Hemlock Tee but Mandy won out because of the print at copy shop option (although word on the street is that Grainline patterns will soon be available in this format  - Horray!)

We are back to the 'up against the fence in bad light' photos...Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

Essentially a big box with arms, but a comfy one. Ignore the large branch in the background. We did some renegade street tree pruning and it wouldn't fit in the green bin. 

This is a bit of a departure from my usual style and I was a bit worried that it would be too shapeless but I do actually really like it and  MMSTL said " it suits you" which was nice.  It's super-comfy and I think  works with skinny jeans or maybe even a mini/shorts.   I was a bit concerned that the 'one size fits all' would be too big so I took 1cm out of both the front and back pattern piece and re-drew the shoulder line.  No idea whether this is a valid pattern adjustment but it seems to have worked OK.  Perhaps it wasn't necessary though as all that excess fabric is designed to flow and fall over the body anyway.  I used some cotton op-shop jersey and used steam a seam to match up the stripes at the sides, well almost match up at the sides.  Using a  walking foot may have helped at this point but I was still bonding with my overlocker.

Construction wise, this tee comes together very quickly, or it would have if my twin needle hadn't decided to go on strike when I was trying to sew the neckline.  Grrrr.  Difficult needles aside I reckon this could be made from cutting out to sewing in less than an hour. Sewing win.

The deets
Pattern: Mandy Tee by Tessuti (Free, printing $3.50)
Fabric: 1.5m stripy cotton jersey, opshop $2
Thread from stash
Total: $5.50


  1. Oooh nice! Like those stripes on ya-they're just the right width. Yep print at copyshop is a continuous win. I don't do the whole A4 cutting and pasting thing. I'd rather use the time for sewing and wearing my makes out XD

  2. This looks absolutely smashing on you, Helen! Epic win!

  3. Loving the casual look Helen! Like amanda said - smashing :)

  4. Hey there, You look great in this t-shirt. I am thinking of going on some sewing adventures but I am definitely a beginner. Would you recommend Tessuti's patterns? So the free ones can you order them online then get them printed in the store? Kind regards, Charde